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  • U.S.-Brazil Bi-Lateral Presidential Meeting (Spotlight)
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  • Germany lays out New Energy Policy (Spotlight)
  • Water Used in Hydraulic Fracturing (Spotlight)
  • BP Reaches $18.7 Billion Deepwater Horizon Settlement(Spotlight)
  • CPUC Shines Spotlight on Solar Program Success (Spotlight)
  • Cisco to Acquire OpenDNS for $610 Million (Smart Grid)
  • EP-EC Reach Information Security Breakthrough (Smart Grid)
  • M2M Picks up Momentum in Far East (Smart Grid)
  • Solar Parks in India (Renewables)
  • Wyoming +14 States File Lawsuit Over WOTUS (Utility)
  • Iberdrola-UIL Merger Rejected by Connecticut PUC (Utility)

Publishers Note

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Vol.4, No.27, July 06, 2015

Pub Note-Jul-4th Image-2

Happy Fourth of July

Alan B Shepard stands with an American flag on the lunar surface. Photo Credit: NASA / Apollo 14

Hope you all enjoyed the July 4th Holiday and saluted our servicemen.

This is the week that was in Smart Energy News. Our staff worked through the Holidays to bring the latest in Smart Energy News.

Legacy of Mercury Solution to Continue: Past mercury emissions persist in the environment for decades, and this "legacy" mercury can continue to pollute ecosystems even after emissions      decrease.                                                                                                                                           

Past mercury emissions are estimated from historical records of metal production and industrial/commercial activity or from natural archives of atmospheric mercury deposition, including lake sediment cores and glacier ice cores.

Legacy Mercury Continues to Cause Problem even after GHG Emissions Drop (Utility News)

Does energy efficiency pay?: The costs still substantially outweigh the benefits; the average rate of return is approximately -9.5% annually.                                                                                                 

Proponents of energy efficiency use models to claim net benefit 2.5 times the cost and is erroneous.

Do Energy Efficiency Investments Deliver? (Smart Grid)

WOTUS is Challenged                                                                                                                                 

  • States Challenge WOTUS: EPA usurps state and local powers on water resources                       
  • Texas Challenges EPA WOTUS rule: Louisiana and Mississippi have joined Texas in the lawsuit.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ (Corps) control over land and water resources across the nation by imposing burdensome requirements on public and private entities. Western states would be particularly impacted by the regulations.

Wyoming Files Lawsuit with Eleven Other States over Waters of the United States Rule (Utility News); Texas RRC Files Suit against EPA Overreach (Utility News)

Agreement Reached on Digital Security by EU Council and Parliament; Agree on Strict Reporting Measures on Data Breaches.                                                                                                               

The presidency negotiates the terms of the directive with the European Parliament on behalf of the Council. In order to be adopted, the legal act must be approved by both institutions. . The list includes search engines, cloud providers, social networks, public administrations, online payment platforms like PayPal, and major eCommerce websites, such as Amazon.

Network and Information Security: Breakthrough in Talks with EP (Smart Grid)

Fracking Ban in New York: The construction, drilling, hydraulic fracturing, production, and                 reclamation phases can result in adverse environmental impacts which can range in duration           from acute impacts during only one phase, to more permanent impacts that could be present for      years or decades after a well is reclaimed.                                                                                             

New York City’s and Syracuse’s unfiltered surface water supply and subsurface water supply infrastructure; impacts to other surface drinking water supplies; loss of habitat associated with construction; and potential groundwater contamination from the hydraulic fracturing procedure itself.

High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing Ban in NY State (Oil and Gas)


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