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Vol.3, No.33, September 01, 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014 is a national Holiday in the U.S. and signals the end of Summer. Children will be back in School. We delayed our publication since Monday is a holiday. Hope you all had a wonderful  summer!!      


Morrison Pub Note-9-2

Image Credit: Morrisons. Morrisons is rolling out a new environmentally friendly wine screw cap that it claims will reduce its carbon footprint.

These days, one will be surprised to find how many innovations are surfacing claiming to consume less energy and cutting down on harmful emissions. One such innovation claim was announced last week by Morrisons. The UK retailer is trialing the ‘Green Leaf’ (GL) cap, manufactured by Italian firm Enoplastic, on 75cl bottles of its own brand Soave wine.

The new seal uses the same technology and materials as a standard screw cap but contains 64% less aluminum and can be completely removed, making it easier for the bottle to be recycled.

It also takes up less space when transported which the retailer claims will reduce the size of cap shipments to the bottling plant by around 60% – cutting transport emissions.

The supermarket aims to reduce total emissions by 30% by 2020.

Smart Energy Universe has revamped the layout for articles in the Oil and Gas category and is grouping articles together in the following areas:

  • Pipelines
  • Exploration and Production
  • LNG/Shale
  • Financials/Operations

This has made it faster to locate articles in the area readers are looking for. We continue to receive positive responses on this change.

Similarly, SEU is planning to restructure Utility News and Smart Grid Categories and rearrange news items appropriate to these Categories. You will be informed soon when we make this change.

In addition this week’s edition of Smart Energy Universe features all our popular features:

This Week in Climate Change –find it in the Spotlight section.This section has a Roundup of some of the articles reporting on Climate Change in this weeks’ edition. A brief synopses of the articles are presented here - Please go on to read the complete articles under categories mentioned for details.

“Editor’s Choice” has the ‘Feature Articles’ highlighted in green to make them easy find. To read the articles click on the Spotlight or appropriate Category Button this will take you to the page with the Spotlight or Feature Articles. Be sure to read Editors Choice to catch to catch up with the top happenings of the week.

SEU’s Virtual Town Hall: This week’s question: “Is Smart Lighting the next wave of the Smart Grid?” drew interesting results. Please read the results in the Spotlight section. We will post the results tomorrow, as responses continue to come in.

Read the responses to get the industry pulse on the issue. (Spotlight).

SEU “Viewpoint”:This week’s Viewpoint discusses “Is Gas Flaring Getting out of Control?”. SEU became concerned with the article recently published by Earthworks. It seems like flaring is going on in North Dakota and Texas in a totally unregulated fashion. SEU has drawn attention to this pollution causing situation and hope regulators will pay attention to this matter. We have captured the pulse of the industry in this article.

There are several interesting articles in the Spotlight section:

The National Debate on Climate Change has Devolved: Strong underlying political currents help to explain Washington’s failure. Voters generally don’t put climate change high on their priority lists, and there is evidence that some Americans’ belief in the science varies with the weather.There is no consensus on this issue based on conviction. Decisions are being made out of pure fear and politics (Spotlight)

What are Greenhouse Gases and How Much are emitted by the United States?:Greenhouse gases trap heat from the sun and warm the planet's surface. Of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions the majority are related to energy production and consumption; specifically most of those are carbon dioxide (CO2) from the burning of fossil fuels. This article analyzes how much of the harmful gases are being emitted in the U.S. (Spotlight)

UN Member States Receive Report on Finance for Sustainable Development: The UN Report on Finance for Sustainable Development shows the global economics paradigm shifting: from today’s financial model of the global casino dominated by high-frequency trading and multi-trillions in derivative positions far exceeding the real world economy’s GDP. Developing countries expect to be properly financed to participate in climate change decisions. (Spotlight)

IPCC Sends Draft Synthesis Report to Governments for Comment: The Synthesis Report is the final product of the Fifth Assessment cycle. It will integrate key messages from the three recent working group reports: the physical science basis (September 2013), impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability (March 2014), and mitigation of climate change (April2014). These reports will play a critical role in COP meetings this year and finally at COP-21 in Paris next year. (Spotlight)

Social Cost of Carbon Estimates: To develop the 2010 and 2013 social cost of carbon estimates, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Council of Economic Advisers convened and led an informal interagency working group in which four other offices from the Executive Office of the President (EOP) and six federal agencies participated. These discussions are all part of developing U.S. position on Climate Change. (Spotlight)

ABB Commissions World’s Longest Power Transmission Link in Brazil (Utility/Feature): HVDC link will transmit 3,150 MW of electricity across 1,500 miles with minimum losses. HVDC is becoming the mainstay of the transmission grid enhancement worldwide.

Hawaiian Electric Companies Submit Plans for Hawaii's Energy Future (Utility News/Feature): Highlights of the plan, to be achieved by 2030: More than 65 percent renewable energy; Electric bills reduced by 20 percent; nearly triple the amount of distributed solar.

Diablo Canyon NPP: Secret Document Details Federal Safety Inspector’s Alarm over Plant’s Vulnerability to Earthquakes (Utility News/Feature): Agency expert says reactors must be shut down until proven safe.


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