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  • Midweek Update Posted
  • U.K. to Auction Fracking Licenses (Spotlight)
  • EPA Proposes New Measures to Cut Methane Emissions(Spotlight)
  • Australia Releases Emission Targets  (Spotlight)
  • Southern Company Acquires AGL for $12 Billion
  • Australia Backs Abbot Point Coal Port (Spotlight)
  • Plarled North Sea Pipeline (Oil and gas
  • TEPCO Smart Meter Status Report (Smart Grid)
  • China to Build Methanol Plants in the U.S. (Oil and Gas)
  • Wasion Advances in China AMI Business (Spotlight)
  • Goldman to Set Up $1 Billion Asset Facility for Sun Edison(Renewable)
  • APS Rooftop Solar a Great Success (Renewable)
  • PG&E Offers Solar Power to Customers (Renewable)

Publishers Note

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Midweek Update: August 26, 2015; Vol.4, No.34, August 24, 2015

Pub Note-Neon-8-24-2

NASA’s LADEE Spacecraft Finds Neon in Lunar Atmosphere

The moon’s thin atmosphere contains neon, a gas commonly used in electric signs on Earth because of its intense glow. While scientists have speculated on the presence of neon in the lunar atmosphere for decades, NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) spacecraft has confirmed its existence for the first time.

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Shell can now drill in the Arctic: Allowed to drill 2 wells                                                                              

Two drill ships are in place to start drilling

Shell's Receives Permit to Drill in Chukchi Sea—DOI Gives Go Ahead to Arctic Drilling (Spotlight)

Lake Charles Passes Environmental Hurdle: FERC Authorization expected in 90 days                                

The project is expected to cost over 8 billion dollars

Lake Charles Export Receives FERC’S Final Environmental Impact Statement (Oil and Gas)

Goldman Sachs invests in Solar: $1 Billion to be invested by Goldman in SunEdison Solar Projects          

Goldman can expand the fund to 2 billion

SunEdison and Investment Funds Managed by Goldman Sachs Announce Formation of $1 Billion Asset Facility (Renewable)

First Energy asks to upgrade of power plants: New power plants cost consumers significantly more        

Asks for Commission approval of $3 Billion for upgrade

First Energy Wants to Keep Old Power Plants Operating (Utility News)

Patriot sale bundles reforestation carbon credits with coal sales: Patriot sells Appalachian assets to VCLF

Patriot will receive $400 million for this transaction

Carbon Credit to become Part of Coal Mining (Oil and Gas)

Utilities sell Gas resources: Dominion acquires the assets for $286 million                                                   

Dominion will have gas distribution pipelines from Canadian border to New York State.

Dominion Midstream Partners to Acquire Interests in Iroquois Gas Transmission System (Oil and Gas)

IETF looks at possibility of Open Internet: The rules should allow for blocking of content such as Child      Pornography                                                                                                                                                        

The rules should prevent malware practices

Is Open Internet Possible (Smart Grid)

TEPCO is well on the way in smart meter installation: 2.4 million smart meters have already been               installed                                                                                                                                                              

Free members' website 'Electricity Household Account' visualizes the amount of electricity used every 30 minutes and with the installation of a HEMS device, provides the current value in real time etc.,

Smart Meter System Operations Status –TEPCO (Smart Grid)

Technology tests for grid integration of renewables: Use of Voltage and frequency control devices enable grid stability with renewables.                                                                                                                          

Tests with range of voltage levels still need to be done.

The Low Carbon Hub Project Successfully Concluded (Utility News)

WPX completes acquisition of Permian assets: Acquires 92000 net acres of Permian assets                       

Throughout 2014 and 2015, WPX has been actively transforming and enhancing its portfolio, executing more than $4 billion in transactions including the purchase of RKI.

WPX Energy Completes Acquisition of Permian Producer (Oil and Gas)

Australia makes INDC submission: Australian Government says the 26% reduction in GHG is comparable to other developed countries                                                                                                                             

The Government will review Australia’s emissions reduction policies in detail in 2017-18

Australia’s 2030 Emissions Reduction Target (Renewable)


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