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  • Issues with Smart Meter Deployments (Special Supplement/Spotlight)
  • COP-20, Lima Agreement (Special Supplement/Spotlight)
  • Objections to Fracking under Ohio River in West Virginia (Oil and Gas)


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Midweek Update: December 17, 2014; Vol. 3, No. 48, December 15, 2014


Great Lakes and Central U.S. Viewed From the International Space Station

From the International Space Station, Expedition 42 Commander Barry Wilmore took this photograph of the Great Lakes and central U.S. on Dec. 7, 2014.

The image is representative of the glitter of the Holiday Season. It captures the frozen Great lakes surrounded by lighted metropolitan areas. We are sure you are all busy playing Santa to your family and close friends. SEU staff is busy keeping you informed of the latest news in Smart Energy and Climate Change. The Lima COP-20 Climate Change Conference just ended and we have devoted a Special Supplement to COP-20 News.

A guide to SEU regular features follows the discussion below of major smart energy trends.

The COP-20 meeting in Lima, Peru on Climate Change just ended and the final results are covered in a Special Supplement. The U.S. Congress is now firmly in the hands of Republicans with comfortable majorities. The U.S. energy policy will definitely change. U.K. Parliament held a Hearing on Smart Meter Rollout Status and found out there are serious concerns (lack of standards, lack of hardware, etc.). We have covered the Hearings details in a Special Supplement.

UK Parliament Reviews of UK Smart Meter Rollout Highlights Major Issues: At the special hearing, The Parliament heard from business executives on issues surrounding smart meter rollout; particularly, lack of standards, interoperability, and unavailability of hardware. (SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT – Spotlight)

Lima COP-20 Climate Action Talks Go into Overtime: A new 2015 agreement on climate change, that will harness action by all nations, took a further important step forward in Lima following two weeks of negotiations by over 190 countries. Nations concluded by elaborating the elements of the new agreement, scheduled to be agreed in Paris in late 2015, while also agreeing the ground rules on how all countries can submit contributions to the new agreement during the first quarter of next year. (SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT – Spotlight)

Utilities: One sees a trend in grid stabilization activities to support multiple energy sources. EPA is active in regulating clean air provisions. SEU expects to see much activity in these areas. Energy Efficiency projects are on the rise. Gas-fired power plants are popular among utilities. Many Utilities are aggressively pursuing activities on storage and renewable generation in the grid. Europe is struggling to reach a solution for “Energy Union.”


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