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  • SPECIAL EDITION: EU Starts Multi-Pronged Activity on Energy Security/Energy Union (Spotlight)
  • Chesapeake Fildes Suit Against Former CEO McClendon (Spotlight)
  • Shell's Oil Train Project in State of Washington in Limbo (Spotlight)
  • SRP Board Approves New Fees for Solar (Spotlight)
  • Potential Internet Congestion May be a Fallout of Some Proposed Net Neutrality Regulations (Spotlight)
  • China Eyes Oil in Argentina (Oil and Gas)
  • Solar City to Finance $750 Million Residential Solar Projects with Google Investment(Spotlight)
  • Gazprom Starts Alternate Gas Pipeline Route via Turkey (Oil and Gas)
  • Gazprom Ships First Arctic Oil (Oil and Gas)



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Vol. 4, No. 9, March 02, 2015


Shuttle Enterprise-2-3-2 

Space Shuttle Enterprise

In honor of passing of actor Leonard Nimoy, most famous for his role as Star Trek's Vulcan science officer Mr. Spock, above is a picture of Space Shuttle Enterprise. Nimoy also was there for the 1976 rollout of the shuttle Enterprise, named for the show's iconic spacecraft.

Now back to  Smart Energy News

News of This Week's  E.U.’s Energy Security/Energy Union Actions

E.U. Starts Multi-Pronged Effort on Energy Security: EU started its work on adopting single energy market in Europe, with the adoption ofstructure and work plan to achieve the same. Delivering on this top priority set out in President Juncker's political guidelines, the European Commission sets out its strategy to achieve a resilient Energy Union with a forward-looking climate change policy. (Spotlight)

How does the EU Integrated Energy Market Work:An integrated EU energy market is the most cost-effective way to ensure secure and affordable supplies to EU citizens. Through common energy market rules and cross-border infrastructure, energy can be produced in one EU country and delivered to consumers in another. This keeps prices in check by creating competition and giving consumers choices when it comes to their energy supplier. (Spotlight)

EU Strategy for the Paris COP-21 Meeting- Energy Security: The Communication sets out the EU's vision for a transparent and dynamic, legally binding United Nations climate change agreement that sets the world on a pathway to prevent global warming from reaching dangerous levels. International negotiations are under way and are set to be finalized at the UN climate conference in Paris in December 2015. (Spotlight)

Connecting Power Markets to Deliver Security of Supply, Market Integration: Each Member State should have in place electricity cables that allow at least 10% of the electricity that is produced by their power plants to be transported across its borders to its neighboring countries. This objective is part of the Energy Union work plan. (Spotlight)

EU Single Market Policy (Utility News/Feature): The EU President’s note states that the Single Market is widely recognized as an important cornerstone for the European Union`s economic competitiveness and a powerful driver for new growth and jobs. Its further integration is a task that needs political priority as well as common effort both at the EU and national level.

EU Environment Committee Backs ETS Market Reserve, Advocates Early Start (Renewable/Feature): The MEPs advocated introducing the mechanism early, by the end of 2018, and also proposed preventing the automatic return to the market, from 2019, of a portion of allowances “back loaded” last year in a separate vote.


Utilities investing in enhancements to the Grid to accommodate distributed generation/renewables; demand response, outage detection, smart metering, storage, security, etc.

U.S. Energy Infrastructure Update for January:The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission released its report on energy infrastructure update, covering energy production, generation, transmission and distribution. (Spotlight)

SDG&E Further Enhances Grid to Support EVs and Storage Systems: San Diego Gas & Electric is actively bidding a group of energy storage systems and electric vehicle fleets as one resource directly into the California Independent System Operator's (CAISO) energy markets. These markets include those that address short-term imbalances in electricity supply caused by such things as intermittent renewable energy. (Spotlight)

Mitigation of Political & Regulatory Risk in Infrastructure Projects: One prerequisite for sustainable and inclusive growth worldwide is a modern and efficient infrastructure. The required investment for reaching the optimal level is enormous, estimated at 5% of global gross domestic product (GDP) (or $4 trillion) per year until 2030 – an amount that the public sector would find almost impossible to raise on its own. The gap will have to be filled by the private sector. (Spotlight)


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