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  • AT&T Acquires Time Warner for $108 Billion (Spotlight)
  • Matt Ridley Addresses Royal Society on Climate Change (Spotlight) - Must Read
  • ASN Asks EDF to Conduct Tests on 5 French Reactors-Suspects Troubles (Spotlight)
  • Wind Will Supply 20% of Power by 2030 (Renewables)
  • Mitsubishi Joins Renault-Nissan Alliance (Smart Grid)
  • TVA's Watts-Bar Reactor Fully Operational (Utility)
  • New Fault Discovered in Southern California (Spotlight)
  • National Grid Publishes UK Winter Energy Outlook (Spotlight)
  • Europe's Natural Gas Supplies Seem Adequate for Winter (Spotlight)
  • Germany Addresses Nuclear Waste Disposal (Utility)
  • FERC Staff Optimistic of Winter Power Requirement (Spotlight)
  • Coalition Sues NY Over Nuclear Plant Subsidies (Utility) 
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Publishers Note

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Vol. 4, No. 43, October 23, 2016


 The Bengal Tiger © shutterstock / dangrumrong

The Sundarbans in Bangladesh is part of the world’s largest mangrove forests, home to the famous Bengal Tiger and a hotspot for dolphins, turtles, and birds. Millions of people depend on this labyrinth of tidal rivers for food, homes, and flood protection.  

The Sundarbans were inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1997, and will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year. In March 2016, the World Heritage Center and International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) conducted a reactive monitoring mission to assess the conservation of this iconic area. The mission was requested by the World Heritage Committee during its 2015 session in Bonn.

The mission was tasked with reviewing potential impacts from the construction of the Rampal power plant, assessing risks from climate change, and evaluating the overall management system of the Sundarbans, including provisions around shipping safety. The mission visited the site of the proposed Rampal power plant, as well as the locations of a 2015 cargo vessel accident and 2016 oil spill. It included meetings with key ministries, industry representatives, port authorities, a small number of researchers and local community members. 

The World Heritage Center and IUCN released a report on the mission. The report concludes that the proposed Rampal power plant, a 1320 megawatt super thermal power plant located just 65 kilometers from the World Heritage property, poses a serious threat to the site. 

In this week's news coverage, we have covered a speech by well known author Matt Ridley at the Royal Society in London. He talks about the "green" virtues of CO2. He is known as a rational optimist. SEU suggests our readers take the time to read his speech on Climate Change.

U.S. elections are fast approaching. SEU hopes all Americans of voting age cast their ballots.

This is the week that was in smart energy news. 


Publisher’s Take

Matt Ridley delivers the 2016 Annual GWPF Lecture at the Royal Society, London 17 October. Global Warming versus Global Greening / Spotlight

The analyses performed by EDF at ASN’s request since 2015 conclude that certain channel heads of the steam generators manufactured by Areva Creusot Forge or JCFC  , contain a significant carbon concentration zone which could lead to lower than expected mechanical properties. ASN Requires That Inspections Be Carried Out On The Steam Generators Of Five EDF Reactors / Spotlight

Wind energy will supply up to 20% of global electricity by 2030. Wind Power to Dominate Power Sector Growth / Renewables

The EU holds a leading position in industrial robotics, with a share of more than 25 % of supply and use and growth in the market is estimated to be 8 to 9% per annum, thereby making the sector an industrial strategy priority. Recommendations To The Commission On Civil Law Rules On Robotics / Smart Grid

Nissan and MMC will begin cooperating on a wide-ranging synergy program, building on a five-year alliance in minicars between the two companies. Mitsubishi Motors Joins Renault-Nissan Alliance / Smart Grid

The $4.7 billion capital construction project was completed on budget. The unit now moves to working asset status. TVA’s Watts Bar Unit 2 Achieves Commercial Operation / Utility

The location of the fault in the eastern Salton Sea has made imaging it difficult and there are no associated small seismic events, which is why the fault was not detected earlier. New Fault Discovered in Earthquake-Prone Southern California Region / Spotlight

Firstly, we clarify the responsibility for the nuclear waste disposal. We make sure that funding for decommissioning, dismantling and disposal is guaranteed in the long term without having the costs are transferred to the company unilaterally and without compromising the economic situation of the operators. Reorganization Of The Responsibility Of Nuclear Waste Management in Germany / Utility

Natural gas and power markets are well supplied going into the winter, with plentiful storage, a better-connected pipeline system, and the ability to draw greater imports from Canada through pipelines and higher imports of LNG into New England. Energy Market Assessment / Utility

We are issuing this report to alert the EPA about factors that delayed its intervention using emergency authority under Section 1431 of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). EPA Inspector General Flint Report Faults EPA / Utility/ Feature

GAO found one quarter of political appointee conversions by the Obama administration did not follow proper procedures. GAO Political “Burrowing” Review Findings / Spotlight

The total cost of the project surpasses 300 billion yen, a portion of which will be financed from contributions made by the five participating companies. Project is for the construction and operation of the world's most advanced coal-fired power plants in Fukushima, Japan. Companies Set Up to Run World's Most Advanced Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plants in Fukushima / Spotlight


General News of Interest in Smart Energy

According to Igor Sechin, in the next year and a half the excess supply period in the in the market will end and of the normalization process will start. The price of oil will exceed 55 dollars per barrel. Igor Sechin Optimistic About Oil / Oil and Gas/Feature

Unless enjoined or eliminated, these credits will result in New York's captive ratepayers paying the owners an  estimated $7.6 billion over twelve years to the owners of these plants. Energy Coalition Sues NY Over Nuclear Plant Subsidies / Utility/Feature

The world’s largest dam, Three Gorges, is located on the Yangtze River and has a capacity of 22.5 GW. Hydroelectric power is the second-largest source of electricity in China, after coal, and accounted for 20% of the country’s total generation in 2015. The World’s Nine Largest Operating Power Plants Are Hydroelectric Facilities / Utility

Several potential causes of the outbreak will be investigated, including poor water quality, disease pathogens and chemical spills. Each alone could cause mortality in coral reef organisms, but more likely, a combination of stressors is at work. NOAA Reports Mass Die-Off Of Invertebrates At East Flower Garden Bank In Gulf Of Mexico / Oil and Gas


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