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  • Verizon To Acquire Yahoo: Challenges Facebook and Google
  • EPA Releases Assessment of GHG Emissions from Automobiles (Smart Grid)
  • Strict Emission Limits for Non-Road Comustion Engines Adopted by EU (Renewables)
  • EU Adopts Rules for Transition to Low carbon Economy (Spotlight)
  • Enbridge Settles with Michigan on Pipeline Oil Spills (Oil and Gas)
  • ExxonMobil to Acquire InterOil for $2+Billion (Oil and Gas)
  • 2016 Hottest So far in History (Renewales)
  • Wild Fires Spread in California (Renewables)
  • Google under Attack for Breaking EU Rules (Smart Grid)
  • White House Plans Solar for All (Renewables)
  • Court Blocks EPA Regional Haze Rule (Utility)
  • Radical Changes Proposed in H1B Bill (Utility)
  • Many More (Read Publisher's Note)


  • Oakland Bans Coal Terminal (Spotlight)
  • Softbank to buy ARM for $31 Billion for 5G (Spotlight)
  • NextEra and Hawaii Electric Terminate Merger Plans (Spotlight)
  • European Union Adopts EU-US Privacy Shield Law (Spotlight)
  • New UK PM, Theresa May Abolishes DECC; Restrucures Energy Dept (Spotlight)
  • Nevada Tells Congress "No" to Yucca Nuclear Repository (Utility
  • Europe Agrees on Privcy Policy; White Hose Studying Privacy Policy ( Spotlight)
  • Interior Issues Arctic Drilling Regulatons; Lease Sales Not Rescinded (Spotlight)
  • Special Report on EU Cyber Security Directive - Many Articles (Spotlight)
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Publishers Note

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Vol.4, No.30, July 25, 2016

Fire 7 25 1 2


Fire 7 25 2 2

The Sand Fire continues to burn on the Angeles National Forest in the Magic Mountain Wilderness Area with firefighting personnel battling to gain control and increase containment. Firefighters will remain prepping and providing structure defense around homes and property while providing for public safety and firefighter safety.

The Sand Fire is currently 33,117 acres and 10% contained. Over 2,964 firefighters are engaged in initial attack. Resources include 356 engines, 43 hand crews, 26 helicopters, 16 water tenders, and 14 dozers. The Incident Command Post is located at Golden Valley High School.

Eighteen homes have been destroyed and 1 damaged. Residents in Sand Canyon and Placerita Canyon should remain vigilant. Residents in Soledad Canyon, Agua Dulce and Acton should remain on high alert.


Talk about the weather is banal, except when it isn’t - wildfires are a danger in much of the West – According to the National Interagency Fire Center :“The significant wildland fire potential forecasts say that during late June and July significant wildland fire potential usually transitions from the Southwest and southern California northward into the remainder of the western United States. Some areas will experience an increased potential for significant fires due in large part to high fine fuel loading. These areas include the northern and western Great Basin, northern California and some of the finer fuel regime areas of Montana, Wyoming and the Dakotas.  Alaska fire potential will remain near normal with the northern portions of the state below normal. Alaska usually begins to transition to late season conditions in July and August.

File 7 25 3 2

Climate change has been seen as causative for wild fires - As the climate warms, moisture and precipitation levels are changing, with wet areas becoming wetter and dry areas becoming drier. Higher spring and summer temperatures and earlier spring snow-melt typically cause soils to be drier for longer, increasing the likelihood of drought and a longer wildfire season, particularly in the western United States.(UCS)

With that back to the smart energy news from the “Week that Was”:


Last Week Was A Big Week For Emission Controls Both In The U.S. And Europe

The EC approved new requirements to reduce pollutant emissions, such as dust particles and nitrogen oxides, from engines of non-road mobile machinery - Stricter Emission Limits For Non-Road Combustion Engines Become Law in Europe / Renewables

This is part of the EU's strategy for a resilient Energy Union with a forward looking climate policy - Driving Europe’s Transition To A Low-Carbon Economy / Spotlight

EC proposals for national greenhouse gas targets to 2030 overlook the potential for cost-effective energy savings and ignore the European Parliament’s request for a 40% energy efficiency target for 2030 - European Commission GHG Emission Target Sharing Blind To Energy Efficiency Potential / Renewables

Car manufacturers are bringing new emission control technology to market at a rapid pace, and will be able to meet the 2022-2025 emission standards - EPA, DOT, California’s ARB Issue Technical Assessment Report of GHG Emissions and Fuel Economy Standards for 2022-2025 Cars and Light Trucks / Smart Grid

The emission control technologies Tesoro and Par are required to implement at $400 million cost are the future for protecting people from toxic air emissions -  Oil Refiners to Reduce Air Pollution at Six Refineries Under Settlement with EPA and DOJ / Oil and Gas

Salt Lake City is pledging an 80% reduction in community wide greenhouse gas emissions by 2040 - Salt Lake City Adopts Clean Energy and Climate Change Resolution / Renewables

Montreal Protocol parties have achieved the final phase-out of ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) with the phase-out of CFCs used in metered-dose inhalers  - Countries to Continue Efforts to Control Greenhouse Gases under the Montreal Protocol /Renewables

The Bill would prohibit the Secretary of Energy and the EPA from taking the social cost of carbon or the social cost of methane into account, since its value has never been proven - Why the Social Cost of Carbon is a Dubious Policymaking Tool /Renewables


Oil and Gas - Ups and Downs

Alma pilot indicates minimal interference between wells, suggesting potential for tighter spacing in the over-pressured oil window in the stack play region - Devon Energy Reports Successful STACK Spacing Test and Record Oil Well Production / Oil and Gas

As oil companies' spending falls and crude oil prices increase, the need for oil companies to find external sources of funding may decline - U.S. Oil Companies Closer To Balancing Capital Investment With Operating Cash Flow / Oil and Gas

Delek is negotiating with EnQuest, for the acquisition of 20% of the rights in the exploration and production licenses of the Kraken Field in the North Sea - Delek Buys North Sea Assets / Oil and Gas

Underground tank releases have been a leading cause of groundwater contamination, affecting almost half of the people in the U.S. 80% of storage tanks are corroded - Corrosion in Majority of Diesel Fuel Underground Storage Tank Systems Detected / Oil and Gas

This was one of the largest inland oil spills in U.S. history when Enbridge discharged one million gallons of oil to Talmadge Creek near Marshall, Michigan - U.S., Enbridge Reach $177 Million Settlement After 2010 Oil Spills in Michigan and Illinois / Oil and Gas/Feature

Policymakers must expedite the pipeline process and connect oil producers with markets overseas, for Canadians to prosper - Delays In Pipeline Projects Costs Canada’s Economy, Governments Billions A Year / Oil and Gas

This AMA article adds to a growing body of flawed attempts to link all types of health problems with energy production - AMA's Attempt to Link Asthma with Fracking Is Flawed / Oil and Gas

The $1.7 billion partnership will facilitate the expansion of Husky's heavy oil thermal business - Husky Energy Closes Midstream Partnership Transaction / Oil and Gas

Average cost per well during the second quarter came it at approximately $3.3 million, and our continuing focus on process improvements and efficiency gains resulted in several wells coming in below $3.0 million - Sanchez Energy Reports Decline In Drilling Costs / Oil and Gas

Interior’s focus has been on collecting data from royalty-bearing oil and gas production, and thus it has provided limited guidance on how operators are to report natural gas emissions - Interior Could Do More to Account for and Manage Natural Gas Emissions / Oil and Gas

ExxonMobil will work with co-venturers and the government to evaluate processing of gas from the Elk-Antelope field by expanding the PNG LNG project - ExxonMobil to Acquire InterOil in Transaction Worth More Than $2.5 Billion / Oil and Gas / Feature

Of the more than $370 billion in global capital expenditure cut by upstream developers across 2016 and 2017, $150 billion was slashed in the US Lower 48 alone -  US Sustains $150B In Oil and Gas Capex Cuts To 2017 / Oil and gas

Increases in rig counts suggest that production companies are increasing new-well drilling - Increased Drilling May Slow Pace Of Lower 48 States Crude Oil Production Declines / Oil and Gas

Scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019, the Fadhili gas project will become a key component of the Kingdom’s master gas system - CEO Leads Signing Ceremony Of Mega Gas Project At Fadhili / Oil and Gas

Motiva restructuring will become a platform for growth and mark a new beginning as Aramco grows its global refining footprint - Bringing Vision 2030 to the U.S. / Oil and Gas

The gas complex will require 600 MW to operate and will consist of six air separation trains - Jazan Gas Projects Breaks Ground On Industrial Gas Facility / Oil and Gas

Company has lowered cash costs, such as transportation, processing and operating expenses, and improved capital efficiency in its updated 2016 guidance - Encana Delivers Significant Efficiency Improvements With Strong Second Quarter Results / Oil and Gas

Strengthened the balance sheet and liquidity profile through a combination of extending bank agreements, successfully issuing equity - Southwestern Energy Reports Net Loss And Resumption Of Drilling And Completion Activity / Oil and Gas


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